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From the normal handle which is wide open, the width is 10 mm, the handle position is raised by 5 mm in the clamping section, 1.5 mm in front. By further narrowing it down, we can make a more compact and natural riding form. By adjusting the hang angle by 0.5 degree, we optimize the angle of the wrist and armpits, and reduce the burden on the upper body. In order to make this position possible, AELLA redesigned the handle from scratch, and thoroughly thoroughly confirmed the position of the hinge of the clamp and how to drive the connection part with the handle. 

We also manufactured a dedicated boss to install a genuine steering damper, and secured strength firmly even in situations where the steering wheel is swung. 

Pure Steering Damper Corresponding 
Panillary S Specialized Drilling Processed 
Brembo Made Racing Radial Master Available 
Normal Bar End Usable 

■ Compliant Model 

Ducati Panigale 1299 / S

* Not compatible with the standard model. 
※ Handles for Panasonic 1299S (AE - 27030) and left handlebar The holes are the same except for the hole positions. 
* For BREMBO radial brake master use, the brake master is placed inside the proper position for the genuine switch box to be wide. 
 Therefore, it is necessary to change the switch box to a thin product (example: Honda genuine switch bock · model number: 35130 MELJ00). 
 In addition, the BREMBO radial brake master does not come with a brake switch, so it will be required separately.
 As a precaution for installation, the BREMBO radial brake master protrudes in the forward direction, so depending on the mounting lever angle it 
 will interfere with the cowl or meter stay when fully locking the handle, by avoiding lever attachment angle and position adjustment Please give me. 
 Please be careful because it will be incompatible with vehicle inspection if adjusting to the state where handle lock does not hang about handling keel angle suppression with handle stopper adjustment. 

Fit List 
Ducati Panigale 1299 /S 

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