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AELLA aluminum adjustable handlebar for DUCATI MultistradaDVT

You can pursue further the position according to Japanese “ Variable mechanism ”.

If I could change the position for each rider. It is "AELLA variable handle" that realized such a dreamlike mechanism. It is cut out from aluminum ingot to ensure necessary rigidity, powerful appearance is also the identity of AELLA parts. If you reach out to the hand there is a handle. The feeling of grasping is also stressful to the body, natural body itself. AELLA is doing the accumulation of day and night know-how to the steady way to realize such an ideal position.

Completely designed design
Chrome molybdenum steel positioning pin adopted
Reduction of weight and relaxation of excessive hard feel by
hole repairable
Repairable from bolt separately
Genuine hand guard compatible
switch box positioning hole drilling completed
cable and hose replacement not required

Product specifications

■ Position (genuine comparison, dimensions at the bar end section)
Aperture angle 12° Width 795 mm / front 12 mm
Aperture angle 14° To a width of 790 mm / front 15 mm
Aperture angle 16° 780 mm in width / 19 mm in front
Clicking angle 18° width 775 mm / 23 mm in front (when the central clamping section is inverted)

■ Compatible model
Multi Strada 1200 DVT
* It does not conform to 1260.
※ AELLA handle bar end slider has knuckle guard, so it can not be installed.

About spacer size
It comes with "2 mm" as standard.
There are other 4, 9, 14 mm.

Changing to the size above is free for handles when ordering.
In addition, when ordering additionally, spacer + bolt for 1 vehicle ¥ 6,400 (tax not included) is required. If you wish, please state that at the time of purchase.

■ Color
White / Black

It corresponds to spot alumite (premium order)!

We will dye and deliver the alumite color of your choice from all 15 colors. (¥ 8,800 / 1 color ~) Please ask the staff for details.
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Fit List 
Ducati Multistrada 1260
Delivery state: not in stock, will be ordered for you
Delivery period: Approx,7-14 working days

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